We empower organizations to adapt, innovate and transform.

Mindex accelerates organizational learning.

Learning Journey

…is a model for any scalable learning in an organization. The objective is to achieve sustainable outcomes and behavioural change for all internal and external stakeholders of an organization.


We are closing gaps of conventional workshops, where…

  1. newly earned knowledge is poorly managed,
  2. important knowledge will be forgotten,
  3. data is not centrally stored and not accessible
Minder Learning Journey


In a world of accelerating technologies and digital transformation, competencies, such as adaptivity and scalable learning are at the core of solving future challenges. Mindex offers immersive, problem-focused learning experiences for organisations to excel in the digital age. We combine custom tailored curriculums and program design with experienced facilitators to create actionable learning outcomes.

Learning Experiences

Design Sprint

“Using Design Thinking and agile methodology to explore your specific challenges.”

Mindex Design Sprints offer a learning environment to explore specific challenges in your organization, ideate, articulate and visualize prototypes and create narratives to communicate outcomes to other stakeholders. Design Sprints are facilitated by experienced trainers in 2 – 5 day sessions at a location of choice.

Exponential Talks

“Inspiring talks with experienced speakers on matters such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Biomedicine, Space and other areas of impact.”

Listen to captivating and inspiring talks with experienced speakers on highly current topics such as exponential technologies, entrepreneurship, forecasting, digital transformation and other major areas of impact. Talks have an average duration of 20 minutes to one hour with or without Q&A.

Exponential Leadership Workshops

“Advance your innovation leadership skills by using the exponential mindset and accelerating technologies.”

The Exponential Leadership Workshop provides a framework with specific case studies, research data and exercises on disruptive technologies as well as global challenges. In a 2 – 3 day workshop together with our facilitators and faculty you will learn how to apply exponential thinking and narratives in the context of future problem-solving and disruption scenarios.

TED Style Speaker Coaching

“The speaker program focuses on TED-Style powerful storytelling, strong delivery  and natural stage presence.”

Given its close relationship with speaker/conference franchises such as TEDx and Singularity University, mindex together with its partnership network of speaker coaches offers a highly effective speaker training program. This program builds on a proven track record of success for training corporate leaders and executives. The speaker program focuses on TED style powerful storytelling, strong delivery skills and authentic stage presence.